Limited License Psychologist & Registered Play Therapist
Hugh Ransley MA LLP RPT

integrated counseling


I trust deeply in you, and will be fully present to you as you navigate along the path to healing and wholeness. We are fluid beings and have the capacity to change, and transcend suffering, and I am here to support you on your journey.


I will support you, and your process, enabling you to freely explore any areas of your life from the present, and move forward.


Through the therapeutic relationship, where you will be held in high esteem, accepted and honored, you will be able to attend to your self, and when needed or desired, make changes in your life.


Play Therapy

I am a Registered Play Therapist and member of the Association of Play Therapy.


I have practiced Child Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) since 2006, and successfully supported children from diverse circumstances and backgrounds.

CCPT is an evidence-based intervention used with children from 4 through 10 years of age who are experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, or relational issues at home and/or at school.

Sandtray Therapy

One of the beautiful aspects of Sandtray Therapy is that it creates a safe distance for clients to represent painful events, and venture to experience feelings that have often been avoided, but need expressing.


Sandtray gives clients the opportunity to express themselves symbolically and non-verbally during the creation of the tray. And, when the tray is complete, clients can see and connect with aspects of themselves that they have previously been unable to experience.

My Approach

Person Centered Therapy is an optimistic approach, and sees human beings as fluid, and able to change. Within the therapeutic relationship, that is emotionally and psychologically safe, characterized by warmth, acceptance, authenticity and empathy, you will be able to explore your life from the present moment which will empower you to meet life's challenges, and grow in power and freedom.

About me

Being authentic is important to me. Holding space for you with acceptance and compassion to enable and empower you is important to me. Collaborating with you, on your journey of healing is important to me, and it is an honor to be of service to another human being.


Getting Help

We all experience challenges in our lives. It is how we deal with them that matters. Often times, seeking out support is a good way forward. Counseling can be useful on so many fronts, whether it is addressing longstanding depression and anxiety, or managing changes at work, or exploring relationship issues. With the awareness you have, that has lead you here, you are well on the way to empowering yourself, taking responsibility and moving into your power and freedom.

Change is possible!

Hugh has made such a change in my daughter's life. She is moving forward with positive thoughts and actions now! 

Daniel D. 2/5/2018