I am a Registered Play Therapist and member of the Association for Play Therapy. I have practiced Child Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) since 2006, and successfully supported children from diverse circumstances and backgrounds.

CCPT is an evidence-based intervention used with children from 4 through 10 years of age who are experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, or relational challenges at home and/or at school.

I have a dedicated playroom at my office, complete with hand picked toys to enable children to fully express themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

CCPT uses play - the language of children - and the therapeutic relationship to provide a safe, consistent therapeutic environment in which a child can experience full acceptance, empathy, and understanding from the therapist, and so process inner experiences and feelings. 


The experience of psychological safety within the therapeutic relationship encourages the learning of emotional and behavioral self-regulation.

Research has validated that this is a powerful method for helping a wide range of child problems:

  • Overcoming traumatic experiences

  • Adjusting and adapting to divorce

  • Reducing behaviors of concern, such as aggression and anxiety

  • Building self-esteem and developing more mature pro-social behaviors

The goal of CCPT is to develop the child’s potential to move toward integration and self-enhancing ways of being.

Child Centered Play Therapy