Sandtray Therapy

One of the beautiful aspects of sandtray therapy is that it creates a safe distance for clients to represent painful events, and venture to experience feelings that have often been avoided, but need expressing. Sandtray gives clients the opportunity to express themselves symbolically and nonverbally during the creation of the tray. And, when the tray is complete, clients can see and connect with aspects of themselves that they have previously been unable to experience.


Following the scene creation, clients are offered the opportunity to discuss their experience during the creation part, and if they wish, explore verbally, the scene they have created and what it means to them.


Sandtray work can be powerful, and access material indirectly, bringing to light useful, insights which may have been ‘edited’ out during regular talk therapy.


Sandtray is useful for adults in talk therapy as an adjunct, and can be used sporadically, when needed or deemed suportive. I have facilitated sandtray sessions for people who have been stuck, people who are processing grief, experiencing life transitions, relationship issues, and those with trauma too.